Jacqueline Marshall

When my primary care physician told me that the results of the biopsy indicated cancer, he immediately referred me to Dr. Patterson. During my first visit with him, I expected a typical doctor who’d tell me what the treatment would be without a lot of explanation and then be on his way to the next patient. Imagine my surprise in meeting a physician who patiently explained what I had, how he wanted to treat me and let me know immediately that he cared about me and was very concerned. He did not leave the room until each one of my questions and concerns had been addressed to my total understanding. Over the course of the next year, I was adopted by Dr. Patterson and his staff and became as part of the family. Enough cannot be said about the positive attitudes that Carol, Diane and Maria display when you enter the office or how caring and solicitous Laura and Stephanie are when you are in the treatment room. When I was worried about finances, Melissa explained all of my options and went out of her way to help me so that I could focus on the matter at hand. When my husband was diagnosed last year, we immediately sought Dr. Patterson’s guidance. I wanted him to see a doctor we could trust to know the best treatment plan for him. Dr. Patterson saw my husband frequently as his treatment wasn’t tolerated as well as mine was. But a year later, it appears that we’re both in remission for the time being and we thank Dr. Patterson and all the girls for their being there to help us. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to refer someone dear to me to Dr. Patterson. If my husband and I have to again face this disease in the future, he will be the doctor who treats us.


Elizabeth Rhone

After having Lymphoma for the second time, faith brought me to Dr. Daniel Patterson. I was in remission for over 12 years. April 2013 the Lymphoma returned in my neck. It grew and grew, no chemo seemed to work and my health was fading fast. The mass was growing on my neck restricting my airflow. With the faith and generosity of Dr. Patterson, who never let my life be valued at a $1.00, and used his own money to fund a chemo off label. This chemo worked and allowed me to receive a stem cell transplant at Moffit. It has now been a year and I am doing great. I am getting ready to return to work in the upcoming year. I am forever grateful for Dr. Patterson and his wonderful caring staff, and I would recommend any patient to receive excellent care with compassion.


Donna M. Parker

I first met Dr. Patterson in 2010 when he began treating me for anemia. Dr. Patterson is the most caring doctor I have ever had in my 75 years. His staff is also the very most compassionate. Laura, who administered my iron infusions was wonderful and so caring. Everyone on Dr. Patterson’s staff is great. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer in April 2013 and died within 4 months time, Dr. Patterson took care of my husband and was there for me also. In April 2014, I moved from Ocala to Sebring. The hardest part of my move was to leave Dr. Patterson and Laura. Dr. Patterson encouraged me to move to Sebring where I would be closer to my son and begin a new life without all the memories of the past year. Dr. Patterson was so very right in his advice. I am doing great today and am very happy in my Sebring home. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Patterson and his caring staff.